Uuups, I accidntally sent this to Sven only (because this list for some reason not understood by me is set up so that a "reply" does not go to the list).

>>>In some old Gimp version (1.3?) I managed to set the default brush
>>>>size (the one set when Gimp starts) by editing some rc file.

>> GIMP comes with a couple of man-pages. gimprc(5) has the answer to
>> your question.

Ok - I just searched for man pages in my Gimp 2.2
installation and could not find them.
Might this be because I run Gimp on Windows?

I have looked into Help in Gimp, but found nothing ...

Context help (Shift F1) on the Brush resulted in
"Appendix C. Eeek! a help is missing"

>> Please note that if you have a devicerc in your
>> ~/.gimp-2.2 directory, the settings stored in is file will override
>> the default brush / pattern / gradient.

I tried many things - none of them worked.
Maybe this devicerc does not work on Windows?

I still look for a solution to get a default brush different from the one in the default gimp config (I want Circle(1) but always get Circle(11))


Andreas Waechter
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