On Wed, Jan 12, 2005 at 07:36:22PM +0100, Andrew wrote:
> Carol Spears wrote:
> >there should be two options in the Xtns -->Split Video to Frames Menu,
> >"Any XANIM readable" which uses XANIM and "Extract Videorange" which
> >uses MPlayer.  
> >
> So how come I've only got the first of these? This is gimp-2.2-pre. Do I 
> need to upgrade? Mplayer is installed.

okay, let me start by confessing that i have no idea what i added to my
MPlayer that got that working.  the MPlayer documentation is full of
suggestions for supporting software and i found myself looking for
software in many places i would not usually get software from.  i
eventually drew the line and would only get the suggested software from
ibiblio if it was not available from the gnuish sites i am acustomed to.

(recently my faith in this site experienced a set back from some
interesting screenshots which a lot of work went into but contained only
not free and not even smart file formats)

one more confession, i can extract frames with the MPlayer i built but
my MPlayer will not show video here.  it looks like i built all of this
in october of last year and there is a more current version that might

i find it interesting that you do not have both options as well, since i
have the XANIM dependent option but since i do not have XAnim installed,
i get instructed to install it and told where to get it in an error

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/build/gap$ whereis mencoder
mencoder: /usr/local/bin/mencoder

i think you should see what you need to do to get mencoder installed.


to the best of my knowledge, gap uses mencoder to extract frames with.
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