I use gimp 2.2.1 from debian SID.
My first question is:

I want to open a windows metafile (.wmz), and the plugin open fine (I
can choose the dimension and the dpi value too. Its just good), BUT
where can I choose the caracter encoding?

If I open my windows metafile with a text editor, I can read all the
text, and the encoding is ISO-8859-2. BUT when I import the accent
caracter is replaced with a space caracter (vide caracter)
So, how can I fix it? (the text is in hungarian language and there is
many accent caracters)

I have installed libwmf-bin packages at my debian system, but does not
recognize the .wmz files (independant from the gimp try).
wmf2svg image001.wmz 
ERROR: meta.c (179): wmf_header_read: this isn't a wmf file

For now, I cant print the .wmz images, and I cant prepare for my
examens ...;-(


My other remark:

In the scale image dialog the percent unit entry does not work anymore.
For example I have a :
1665x1061 px image, when I choose the percent dialog, it change to:
18488,89x11777,78 I dont know what does it mean.
Normaly it change to 100% and I can just type 25%.

Remark: It worked in gimp 2.0.0-2.0.6 and gimp 2.2-pre1 too.

Best regards, 

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