pentium 4, kde 3.3.2, the very last build of linux gentoo compiled from 
scratch; gimp 2.0.4, xsane 0.96, xscanimage 1.0.13; epson usb scanner

Both xsane and xscanimage alone work smoothly with the usb scanner. 
The directories /ushr/lib/gimp/2.0/plug-ins/ 
and  /usr/local/lib/gimp-2.0/plug-ins/ 
contain @xsane and @xscanimage.
When I launch the gimp 2.0 I see during the booting phase of the program that 
xsane and xscanimage are detected as plugins 
BUT... if I a ask to acquire an image  neither xsane nor xscanimage are 
displayed in the file->acquire menu (sorry I'm translating the menu item  
from Italian into English!)

What should I check and do in the end?
(A step by step explanation please)

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