Michael Schumacher wrote:

I don't have the message, so am unable to view the source or send it to you, but it seems there is indeed one lurking on a Windows machine somewhere that is on this list. I wonder sometimes if it would be wise to block all Windows generated email to a list anymore. Lucky for those of us that use Linux.

Sounds like a good thing to do in general.

<sarcasm>Yes, this would be a great idea. Fortunately, since none of us Windows lusers have anything to contribute to holy Linux OSS discussions, this won't affect the list in any way.</sarcasm>
Come on guys, do you really think so? I run a fairly secure Windows 2000 installation, and I shouldn't have to ssh to a solaris box and run pine on it just to send emails to the list. I checked the headers on that virus-laden message that was ostensibly from me, and it originated from a Polish mail server. Heaven only knows where in the world it came from before that, but it didn't come from my machine, and I don't have a virus.

If you're on Windows and using Thunderbird (like me), chances are you won't get a virus through email. If you're on Linux, you won't get a Windows virus anyway (well, it is possible to run some Windows viruses on Wine, but I have no idea why you'd want to do that).

So why do you Linux guys care so much if viruses hit the list? Just delete them as you would any other spam that hits your inbox.

I'm pretty irked that you guys embraced the idea of blocking all messages originating from Windows machines. I hope you show a little bit more common sense in your next message.

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