Once a colour would be removed from the palette, the pixels in the image should 
change to the closest matching colour in the palette. There would be an 
algorithm that chooses the replacement colour.

If you have seen Photoshop or Image Ready's "Save For Web" feature, you have 
seen this. You are presented with not only a colour limited (Choose a number 
between 1 and 256), but it displays the entire colour palette and you able to 
manually select colours to LOCK or REMOVE from the palette, and you can see the 
preview of the palette changes on the image before you save.

There's an image browser and batch processor called Web Image Guru by Vimas 
that does this task most excellently. This is what I use on a day to day basis. 
But it isn't a free tool like GIMP is. The other people I work with are very 
interested in using GIMP for all our imaging needs... and it does almost 
everything... except for good colour reduction.

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> What I need through GIMP is a way to remove individual 
 > colours from the image dynamically in real-time. For
 > example, I would click one colour to turn it "off" and
 > see the change to the image. If the image isn't
 > severely affected by turning "off" that one colour,
 > then that colour should be removed.

What should happen with the pixels that have the color you 
want to remove?

Should they go transparent?

If so, select by color with threshold set to zero, then 
clear selection.

Should they be replaced by another color?

If so, select by color with threshold set to zero, then fill 
selection with the other color.

Or should something else happen to those pixels? If so, what?

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