On Saturday 02 April 2005 7:46 pm, Jonathan D Gibbons wrote:
> Now, what I think would be really wonderful along these lines
> would be a setup whereby The Gimp can be easily "skinned" to a
> rearranged UI like this.
> That way, we can have a Gimp skin that is familiar to Photoshop
> users, a Gimp skin that is familiar to FireWorks users, etc., and
> perhaps even some that are simply designed to be streamlined for
> a particular purpose - photo touchups, for example.
> Would make transitioning easier from the other major editors, and
> would even give the Gimp a leg up none of them have - you could
> switch UIs between one that you feel is easier for one task to
> one that is easier for another without actually changing programs
> - or paying for multiple programs, or needing space on disk for
> more programs.

Although I'm all in favour of people working in the way that works 
best for them I think the discussion on this list is missing an 
important point.

Imagine someone (a new user) has set their gimp menus up to resemble 
photoshop. Now for some reason they can't figure out how to scale 
their image. So they wisely come to this list (they are using gimp 
after all) and ask their question "How do I scale an image?)
Answer Look in the tools menu under transform.

Unfortunately , since their menus are non standard they don't have 
this menu. "Oh man, that gimp program sucks. I'm going back to 

Not to disparrage the hard work that was put into this hack but...
Let gimp be gimp and photoshop be photoshop. I don't expect to see a 
rush of hackers trying to change pho... to look like the gimp

I suggest the acronym for gimp should be changed to

Gimp Is Mnot Photoshop

Thats my 2 cents

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