On Dimanche 03 Avril 2005 16:31, David Herman wrote:

> Imagine someone (a new user) has set their gimp menus up to resemble
> photoshop. Now for some reason they can't figure out how to scale
> their image. So they wisely come to this list (they are using gimp
> after all) and ask their question "How do I scale an image?)
> Answer Look in the tools menu under transform.
> Unfortunately , since their menus are non standard they don't have
> this menu. "Oh man, that gimp program sucks. I'm going back to
> pho..."

Yes, this is true. But in another hand, I think that it is better to 
explain how to use a tool instead of telling him "just click here, here 
and here, and that's it". If you know how to use tools such curves or 
level, and really know how they work, then you will be able to use either 
Gimp, Photoshop or whaterver soft you want.

If someone really want to use Gimp, he will find the menu. If gimpshop can 
help to migrate from Photoshop, this is OK. And if Gimp gives choice to 
arrange menus, this is great. Each one can choose the best solution for 

And even if he ask for the place of a tool, there will be some other people 
using the same skin to help him.

My 2 euros...



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