Frédéric wrote:

If someone really want to use Gimp, he will find the menu. If gimpshop can help to migrate from Photoshop, this is OK. And if Gimp gives choice to arrange menus, this is great. Each one can choose the best solution for him.

Based on the positive feedback on that blog, it sounds more like people are looking for a "free PhotoShop" than trying to migate to Gimp. The more Gimp looks and feels like PhotoShop, the more people will think of it like PhotoShop and then come the change requests to have Gimp behave more in a PhotoShop-ish manner.

When you use the phrase "migrate from PhotoShop", I interpret that to mean "utilize tools or information to help ease the transition from the old to the new," which is something I don't think will happen with GimpShop.

If you go back and read some of the commentary in the blog, people are indirectly associating a "good UI" with a "PhotoShop UI". This doesn't mean the PhotoShop UI is a "good" UI but since so many are familiar with it, they consider PhotoShop as having a "good" UI instead of the reality of it having a familiar UI.


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