> Given that all the string changes in GimpShop occured in translatable
> strings, one wonders why patching the source was needed at all. The only
> other changes were to the menu files, which have been external since the
> change to GtkUIManager.

Maybe for the script-fus...
> In fact, with a slight change to GIMP to make the location for the menu
> files locale aware, one could make a en_US.pshop locale and dist just
> the .po and .xml files instead of having to track the entire source code
> base.

Yep, would be worth a try. Having a separate package for trying GimpShop
would be much better than the current solution.

> Ironically, I note that gimpshop doesn't appear to use the ps-menurc
> file by default.

Huh? Something gives me the impression that the GimpShop author hould have
spent more time in #gimp...


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