>Personally, I'd prefer that the developers work on enhancing the tool 
>rather than making the tool look pretty (ier).
>I'd suggest that if someone likes the idea of skins, they take up that 
>project and do it.  Then get it into the code.

I was actally not suggesting that the primary developers should take up 
their time making the Gimp look shiny; just that it be made possible / 
documented on how to manipulate the arrangement and appearance of the UI 
with external files, and a dialog to facilitate switching between 
arrangements (Or, for starters, a command-line option or some such).

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>That is a whole lot of maintainance work, way more than you might think.
>I would hope optimistically that things could be adjusted to work well for
>all kinds of users and I think it would be better to make efforts to
>improve the defaults first (but developers will spend time on whatever
>they are most interested in).
>If it is possible to make these kinds of changes and enough people are
>interested it will probably happen (like it just did) so it makes sense to
>try and allow it (and do so in a way that can be maintained) rather than
>telling people to fork if they do not like the user interface.

Now, I readily admit that I haven't really looked into what this would 
take, and whether or not this is effectively already possible. I did a 
little bit of looking a while back, but not much.

I was mostly thinking of "Skinning" as a way to modularize the Gimp proper 
apart from alternate UI arrangements; that way, people who want to make it 
shiny can play with those parts, and what they make can take updates to 
the underlying code without patching/recompile of their skins.

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