On Sun, 17 Apr 2005, Asif Lodhi wrote:

> I have managed to get Fedora Core 3 installed on my computer through nightly 
> downloads in around 26 days. But the Gimp version is 2.04. I can't find 
> binaries on RedHat's website (Even if I found and downloaded a 2.2.6 binary, 
> would I still be able to run it?). As a last resort, I downloaded
> gimp2.2.6sources but after reading a very long list of source packages
> in the INSTALL
> doc that 2.26 depends on, I have gave up. It's because I read that you have 
> to have a different prefix if you want to install it parallel to your 
> existing gimp installation. What is meant by Prefix? Further, even if I 
> download all the files, that the gimp depends on, can I build them on my 
> Fedora Core 3 parallel to the equivalent older versions already installed? 
> It would be great if I could get 2.2.6 running with minimum hassle. I 
> receive gimp-user list messages in an email-digest form so my replies won't 
> be that frequent.

OK, go to your gimp-2.2.6 directory

type     ./configure --help     and have a read, even it it means little

You will see how to install in another prefix, example

./configure --prefix=/opt   will configure so that it is built in /opt

When you press 'Enter' the program will start configuring.

If you are missing any dependencies, it will stop with an error message.

Read the error message and see if you can determine what is missing or out
of date. You may have newer rpms (or whatever fedora uses) that you can
use to upgrade. 

After you have all the dependencies, configure will run to the end. Then
you type        make 

When make is done, type   su -c 'make install' and that will install the
program in /opt

The executable will be /opt/bin/gimp (which will be symlinked to

If it doesn't work, you wont harm anything, so you have little to lose



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