> I want to include full page images of a magazine article in a new document. 
> A single scanned page comes in at about 3.5 MB as a png (saved directly to
> png from the scan).  Any suggestions as
> to how I might reduce that?

Try Image->Mode->Indexed, and play with the number of colors to
get it as small as you can manage while still looking good.  
Then save it, still using png format.

Full-color pngs are large, but indexed png can be quite small.

Cleaning up the noise from the scan, as you've been doing, can help
it look good with a much smaller number of colors.  Though it's
worth trying the conversion to indexed before cleaning up the
page; if the colors are similar, the indexed conversion might
do a lot of that work for you.  (It seldom seems to in my
experience, but it always seems like it *should* ...)

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