Dave Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> For their part, they would like to continue having their logo on the
> arm (which I'm OK with)

The logo on the arm is definitely what keeps me (and probably others)
from buying this stuff. I wouldn't dare to leave home wearing one of
these shirts. It also gives me a very bad feeling about this
merchandising arrangement.

> and they would like to be our official merchandiser - that is, have
> a place in the sidebar on every page, and a place of prominence on
> the front page.

I don't think a prominent place on the front page is appropriate.
Integrating it into the sidebar might be.

> That's why I'm writing here. Is this arrangement OK with people?

What exactly does this arrangement involve? We can hardly decide
anything w/o knowing what we are talking about. Does it mean that
sourcewear will be the only official merchandiser?

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