On Thursday 26 May 2005 03:36 pm, Carol Spears wrote:
> On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 02:23:23PM -0400, BandiPat wrote:
> > I'll try to clarify Pierre's & Erika's points, if I'm reading them
> > correctly.  You have obviously gone off in a different direction
> > than I think either of them were heading, but you also make some
> > good points. Is that being diplomatic enough?  ;o)
> thank you, and you are being diplomatic enough.
> i had no idea what i was getting into when i started to spend some of
> my enthusiasm for great software and great ideas.  i tried in another
> email to express my warnings in a different language.
> there are so many reasons that the software does not compare.
> carol
> _______________________________________________

Ok, that's where you take a different turn from the intended ideas.  
Nobody is wanting or trying to compare the programs.  That's just not 
even logical, because they are so different and you have mentioned 
several others already.  What we all, I think all, are doing, is 
suggesting a feature to be added to Gimp, for plugins, like the feature 
Firefox has for extensions.

Adding, updating and removing plugins would become somewhat easier using 
this method for many using Gimp.

Oh Carol & Alan, no need to send two mails, I get the list mail also, so 
one to the list will do.

Hope that helps,

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