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Carol Spears wrote:


could you expand on the comparison for me?  i do not see any
similarities and i am interested to see what similarities you see
between the two separately licensed, separately funded softwares that do
completely different tasks on my computer.

help me with this one ....


it's like this carol.

firefox is expanded by millions of users worldwide by submitting themes,
plugins, and extensions. i think pierre was talking about gimp should be
the same. that it should also be expanded by users, since it is also open source.
the comparison is:
GIMP: open source app
is to
Firefox: open source app

Firefox has the support of Time Warner.  I watched it get pushed on

it is like this.  there is a really good chance that FireFox users are
the sort of people who can install software and use it without the help
of the operating system.  this sets them apart.

it might also mean that it has a bunch of users that think "whee! it is
free so it is cool".

gimp-users get savvy windows users who can find and install software on
their own and idiot linux users who need the distribution to install it.

your enthusiasm for both the software is really nice and not misguided.
the enthusiasm will change when you see how all of this stuff really

dollar for dollar, i prefer an environment where a ruling party cannot
dictate what i put on  actually, i enjoy watching some
of them try to tell me to remove something.

you are comparing free software with software that has received much
funding and backing.  it could be considered rude.  please research the
different communities and environments before making these comparisons.

i actually had the honor of chatting with one of the original developers
from back in the day when the project was cool (Netscape3 and lesser
versions).  heh, in so many ways it was more fun to meet mitchell than
it was to watch larry wall get tom christianson to ask for a waitress
(but the difference is marginal depending on my mood).  all that fund
raising and asskissing of time warner old farts -- it would be rude to
the people who are managing things at mozilla to suggest that gimp and firefox are the same or that they even work together to promote free software.
you are asking that the bastard child of gnu/linux live the life of the
not bastard child of a free internet.  i dont think that the bastard
wants a different life.  there is a lot to be said for people who work
through things on their own.  especially if you can say that about such
a large group as we can only imagine the gimp-user base is.

i would rather you not compare gimp to other free software applications.
hell, they cannot even talk about gimp on lugradio.  how is that for
being the bastard!  Yay!

GIMP's plugins
is to
Firefox's extensions

well, how about showing me how it works so well by showing me how to
display an mng in firefox?  gimp faithfully makes them.  mng is a lush
format for animations that improved on gif in so so many ways (in case
being a firefox user you have not heard about it).  lush and free.


C'mon, Carol.  Tell us how you really feel.

Eric P
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