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> Yes. There is a reason for me to ignore this request: One of the few 
> things in the world that requires  a single button to operate  is a 
> toaster. An Image manipulation Program is no toaster, and it does 
> need preferences settings to work in an optimal way. 
> No one needs to find, learn and set to an optimal state the program's 
> preferences in the first use, or even in the first month of use. I 
> don't see any need to artifically keep the preferences down - a user 
> who doesn't have a clue about why computer programs differ from a 
> toaster will have a feeling of "looking at things under the hood" 
> when using the preferences dialog in the first place - it won't hurt 
> if all the preferences needed are there.

There are two aspects here. One is the user point of view: a cluttered
preferences dialog makes it very hard to locate the option you are
looking for. We have frequent complaints from users who claim that a
preferences option doesn't exist. Even it is definitely there, it is
simply not found. That alone is a good reason to keep the number of
preference options to a minimum. But of course they can't be avoided
entirely. I never asked for that. I would simply like to keep them to
the current number.

The second reason is maintainability. Any option you add is doubles
the amount of possible configurations which all need to be tested

> But since you really want it, the "Save Keyboard Shortcuts on Exit"   
> is something I never turned off - so as far as I am concerned it 
> could be gone and remain always on.

I admit that this option can be confusing but I find it very
useful. It allows you to assign dynamic keyboard shortcuts for this
particular session only. I wouldn't want to miss that.

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