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>awfully complicated, why don't do you skip the create new pic bit and 
>chose 'paste as new' ?

Oh, ok. Didn't know about that. Thanks!

>yes. after doing 'paste' you need to go to the layers menu and right click 
>on the floating layer and select 'new layer' that will make the whole 
>layer visible after you've increased the canvas size. i have no idea why 
>you're working this convoluted though. why not just copy/paste as new and 
>then rotate the image rather than the layer ?

Ok, I've tried it and it works. I wouldn't agree on me complicating things;
I'm just not used to the Gimp-way(tm) (though I have used gimp for
a number of years, but only for simple things). :-)

Here's how I would _like_ it to work:

I should be able to move any layer freely about and manipulating it separately
from the rest of the layers (and the pic/canvas). This is how layers
work in CAD-software (to which I am used to). If I have to "anchor" the
floating layer, then I'll have to perform additional steps if there's another
manipulation I would like to do to the layer (without affecting the whole
image/pic/canvas). But I guess I can emulate this behaviour with multiple

But I can work with the current way. The "New Layer" was a bit unintuitive
(at least I think so).

>i'd be suprised if you did, it's layer/center layer. :)

Unfortunately I don't have that either... :-(

Thanks for educating me!

Best regards

Peter K

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