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> I should be able to move any layer freely about and manipulating it
> separately from the rest of the layers (and the pic/canvas). 

You can do this, at least I don't get what your problems with this are.

> This is how layers work in CAD-software (to which I am used to). 
> If I have to "anchor" the floating layer, then I'll have to perform 
> additional steps if there's another manipulation I would like to 
> do to the layer (without affecting the whole image/pic/canvas). 

Especially, I don't get why doing something on a layer - even temprarily
hovering and anchoring a selection - should affect the whole image.
Anchoring is just a click outside the floating selection, so it's not many
additional steps. BTW, could you explain what each of the "image/pic/canvas"
mean to you?

> But I guess I can emulate this behaviour with multiple pictures.

It might be a good thing to describe the workflow you're used to, then we
could try to translate it into GIMP terminology for you.


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