Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Robin Bowes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [08-12-05 05:51]:

I have filtering code that automatically detects mail from mailing
lists and sorts it into folders and I'm haven't received any messages
from Sven or yourself that were sent to the list. I get the copy sent
to me personally, but I would expect to see two messages - one to me personally, and one from the list.

WHY would you want to receive two copies of the same message?  I have a
procmail recipe to /dev/null duplicates.  If you read the list, why
would you want *another* copy posted to you?

As things stand, I'm not getting messages that are being sent to the list AND to me - I just get the message sent to me. With all the other lists I'm on I get the message sent to the list (which gets filtered into the appropriate "list" folder) AND the message sent directly to me (which I delete).

I don't necessarily WANT two copies; but I would EXPECT two copies and the fact that I'm not SEEING two copies leads me to believe that something is "wrong" or outside my experience.

Does that make sense?


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