On 8/14/05, Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> we have been talking about running another splash contest for the first
> two weeks in September.  the problem with this is that the timing has
> more to do with birthdays than it does with an important release (like
> something more than a 2.3.version).  after the splash, running some
> littler week long image collections -- not exactly contests....

Ooh... sounds like fun. ^^

> here is the resource a day page my script makes:
> http://carol.gimp.org/blog.html
> it is ugly and stupid and was fun to put together.  the pattern of the

Hah.  No kidding... first thing we should have is a "design a resource
of the day page layout contest".  ^^

> day is not viewable via internet explorer either, a design flaw.

Why are you using CSS for the actual pattern:
yet you have <img src="frame.png" alt="frame"></img> for the frame? 
Wouldn't this make more sense as: "background-image:url(frame.png)"
and <img src="/gimp2/resources/default/2.3.0-patterns-3D_Green.png"
alt="3D Green" /> ?  [BTW, I believe the </img> tag is deprecicated in
HTML -- they now suggest <img ... /> as a single standalone tag.  But
that's another issue entirely, and not really all that important.]

> maybe it would be fun to put the contest back up to collect images that
> show the different resources in action

Sounds like fun, but are we allowed to create resources that aren't
made entirely in GIMP (e.g. use an external tool, like POV-Ray) and
then use GIMP to make them more resource-like?

> and skip the splash 'test until
> it looks like a real release is inevitable or whatever they call it.

Maybe we should have one or two splashes in ... for lack of a better
word, reserve, so that we don't have to be rushed when they come in...
or we could hold an extended one (e.g. 1/2 month, 1-2 months) that
occurs concurrently with the pattern ones, and then after the release,
hold a "regular" one.

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