sam ende writes:
> i would find it a lot easier to write tutorials and the like if the drop 
> down menus did not disapear when doing screenshots, is there a way to 
> keep them dropped down for screenshots ?

The screenshot window lets you set a delay in seconds.  You can
use that time to go back to the window you're shooting and pop up
whatever menus you need.

If the menu goes outside of the window it's in, you'll need to use
"full screen" or "region of your desktop" instead of "window" in
the screenshot dialog, otherwise you'll only get the part of the
menu that overlaps the window borders.

When you click ok in the dialog, you choose the window or region
immediately, then the delay starts, giving you time to place the
cursor or pop up any menus you need.

Disclaimer: This works on Linux, anyway ...

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