On Sunday 14 August 2005 13:27, michael chang wrote:

> Sounds like fun,

it does sound like fun. i was quite disapointed whne i discoverd gimp a 
few years ago that the contest and display areas of what you could do 
with the gimp were and are so dead. 

> but are we allowed to create resources that aren't
> made entirely in GIMP (e.g. use an external tool, like POV-Ray) and
> then use GIMP to make them more resource-like?

it would make sense, but there is an awful lot you can do with just the 
gimp, apart from the fractal plug-ins (which could be improved) there are 
pretty neat ways of creating original images, ie 
filters/render/patterns/defraction patterns, or qubist.

> > and skip the splash 'test until
> > it looks like a real release is inevitable or whatever they call it.
> Maybe we should have one or two splashes in ... 

what is a splash ?

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