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> On 8/14/05, Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 08:27:54AM -0400, michael chang wrote:
> > > On 8/14/05, Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > > > we have been talking about running another splash contest for the first
> > > > two weeks in September.  the problem with this is that the timing has
> > > > more to do with birthdays than it does with an important release (like
> > > Ooh... sounds like fun. ^^
> What birthday exactly is this running for, anyways?
early in september is the birthday of manish singh and akkana peck.
mid september is sven neumann and later in september is mine.  the end
of december and beginning of january is also a time loaded with gimp
birthdays.  with school starting and stuff, i was also trying to think
of something for gimp that would be fun.  this is sounding to be a lot
more fun that another splash contest.

> > > > here is the resource a day page my script makes:
> > > > http://carol.gimp.org/blog.html
> > > > it is ugly and stupid and was fun to put together.  the pattern of the
> > > Hah.  No kidding... first thing we should have is a "design a resource
> > > of the day page layout contest".  ^^
> > getting the information to the web page was my goal.  when it all
> > started to get there, successfully -- this is when the ugly problems
> > started.
> It could be worse, I suppose.
i think that the web page generated by the script i am sharing later in
this  email is much much worse!

> > > > day is not viewable via internet explorer either, a design flaw.
> > >
> > > Why are you using CSS for the actual pattern:
> > > "background-image:url(/gimp2/resources/default/2.3.0-patterns-3D_Green.png)"
> > > yet you have <img src="frame.png" alt="frame"></img> for the frame?
> > > Wouldn't this make more sense as: "background-image:url(frame.png)"
> > > and <img src="/gimp2/resources/default/2.3.0-patterns-3D_Green.png"
> > > alt="3D Green" /> ?  [BTW, I believe the </img> tag is deprecicated in
> > > HTML -- they now suggest <img ... /> as a single standalone tag.  But
> > > that's another issue entirely, and not really all that important.]
> > >
> > also, what i wanted was a sappy portrait
> > look.  i got bored with making a fancy frame though and stuck by what
> > color or metal or wood look to make it.  i recently looked through css2
> > stuff to see if they had elliptical clipping and i had missed it.  i get
> > bored with rectangles on web pages.  don't you?
> That's why so many people preprocesss their patterns and images before
> putting them on a web server...  as for the rectangle issue, well,
> it's not like the circle is all that much better.  (No offense.)  If
> you really want to get creative, try going for a mosaic effect... [try
> using a table with 0 for the spacing and no borders and the like]
well, i was mostly scripting.  not that the script is any prettier...

the images were made by another resource script i wrote, this one a
plugin for gimp http://carol.gimp.org/resources/python/resources.py
it would be trivial to change that script to make different shapes of
images.  and also trivial to use parts of that to make gimp make these
pages and images at the same time.  better because new patterns and
other resources can be added and you know the image will exist.  not
better because i am uncertain if i am able to run gimp in a way that
cron can use.

> > i think many of the current patterns were created with POV-Ray.
> o.O
> > here is the list of the number of resources:
> > gradients_number = 78
> > patterns_number = 58
> > palettes_number = 39
> > brushes_number = 48
> > tips_number = 34
> > plugins_number = 255
> > scripts_number = 207
> > translations_number = 54
> > changelogs_number = 1315
> > i was looking into having them rotate together, this time for a journal
> > page.  if each gradient remains on the page for 3 days, the brushes
> > would have to remain on the page for 5 days.  i was trying to plan this
> > "journal" page so that they all started and ended together.  i went to
> > sleep when i realized i was starting to see "resource leap days" in my
> > ideas....
> And yet you understand this planning has to be flexible for the
> addition of new patterns.  Surely there is a way to devise an
> algorithm for this?  For example, ensure that there is a minimum
> length for an item to be on a page, and an ideal length for the
> cycling, and then how frequently to cycle.  Nothing says you can't
> have an automated script to calculate which one it's on in a cycle,
> and have things cycling as frequently as every hour or three hours or
> something.
well, no i do not understand that the planning has to be flexible to
include new patterns.  i think it would be better to aim for having
improved collections for gimp-2.4.  both the application and the web

my script shuffles the list of available resources.  it can just as
easily not shuffle them.  it reads the available patterns from the
system files, so the resources which are in my ~/.gimp-2.3/ are never
seen.  it can just as easily read different resources from a different

> > seems like every resource should get a week.  i tried my hand at
> 1315 weeks for the change log entries?  I think not!
changelogs make themselves :)

> > something that gave you two days to be artistic and i failed.  i blame
> I'd rather see more things in a shorter period of time than have
> something hanging on the wall for two days.  It *is* a resource page
> after all -- besides, you could always put in a fixed pattern, and
> then that allows you to give the page a specific time code or similar
> to get the same set again...
see them? one day.  and that is how this page is written to work.

contribute examples of using a resource?  a five day week seems fair for
this.  two days off inbetween "projects" for lack of a better name.

> > the pressure.  if every gradient got 7 days it would take 546 days to
> > run through them completely.  i think just interupting that for splash
> > contests will be fun and a refreshing change.
> It will, surely.  Then again, look at the IRTC -- they run contests
> year round; each round lasts about 3-4 months.
truthfully, i do not know how other things like this work.

> > then there is the idea of new resources.  lately, adrian has been around
> > and playing with the brushes.  he has two things he is working on.  one
> > is this jitter effect for the brushes:
> > http://carol.gimp.org/gimp2/artsy-fartsy/jitterbrush/
> Nicey.
> > he was working on another paint thing -- something about smudging.  i am
> > unable to find the sample image he made, but the smudges with the green
> > pepper were really beautiful.  i wanted my gimp to work that way and i
> I'm not surprised, to be honest. *remembers a thing about virtual
> apples somewhere*
> > wanted to start making vegetable brushes to feed it.
> What about fruit brushes?
it doesnt sound as funny when you say it.

> > i am typing too much today, sorry.
> Gee, if you think that's too much typing... I wonder about how much
> typing I do.  It's alright, I think.
> > along with the journal idea i had for the same information that is on
> > that first ugly page, i am considering how to have a "guest resource of
> > the day" without having too many resources to choose from and how to do
> > that without offending people.
> Ouch.  Too much thinking.
resource leap days was also a too much thinking problem.

> > in the end, collecting good resources and examples should be the goal
> > more than something competitive.  the apparatus for collecting images
> > and information is already available.  if we can figure out something
> > that will work without getting too boring or disruptive the software
> > should already be there to be implemented.
> Meh.
> > sometimes, my ideas get out of hand or too complex....
> So do those of many people.
> One last note, what language is the R-o-D page generator written in? 
> And how big is your resource collection (e.g. size)?  Maybe I could
> take a look at either the former or the latter, and see what I can
> suggest.
python.  i am at best a high school level scripter.  python keeps it
from not looking bad.  also, i am not using my personal collection of
resources.  just the ones that come with gimp so far.  this is a scheme
to get new resources to the gimps web site and to the gimp itself.  not
a scheme, a python trick.

the web authors of the first generation of the gimps web site had a
tarball of something like 40,000 gradients you could get and install if
you wanted.  i want to avoid this.  i have personally collected brushes
and all kinds of stuff from all over the place.  i used all kinds of
short hand in the names of the archives and directories they were stored
in -- i have no idea if they are good or perverted or hidden windows

gradients.  every freaking gradient is beautiful.  black-->white is
goregeous if you look at it enough.  just because it is pretty and it
filled the sky in for this one photograph so well doesn't ever mean it
will have a purpose again.

gimp needs more animated brushes.

here is a version of the script that has more information than the web
page it makes uses:

my version here is already making index pages that list all of the
resources it reads.  if i can match that with a template of the same
name, i think it is easy to work with the contest stuff at wgo to put
something together.

> Hm.  You know what would be an interesting idea?  A resource-a-day
> script project.  It sounds like something you could put on
> sourceforge.  ^^
it doesn't need to go on sourceforge to work on www.gimp.org

it does need to be cleaned up to read the ChangeLog less hacky.


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