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Saw this in Slashdot.

Abiword beats OpenOffice to a Grammar Checker

I haven't wanted a grammar checker since Windows 3.1 days.

Well, you could write a plugin for it, but I do not know under
which category of plugin it could be included in gimp... perhaps
misc or as an option in the text tool...



there is more than one year that KDE had included spell cheking in
everytext entry. I do not see why in the future spell and grammar
checking could not go globally into GTK text entries thenselves.

Efficiency.  As it stands, KDE is very ... consumer-oriented, toward
(i.e.) people who use it as a consumer desktop.  (I know of a 12 year
old and a 9 year old who prefer KDE because when they click to start
an application, there's a little bouncing icon next to the mouse

I like Gnome/GTK because it has a nice, clean, usable, uncluttered interface.

Do we really have to start a Gnome vs. KDE flamewar ? ;) Well, why not, it is always funny :

I mean, what I like in GTK and Gnome is the better colour scheme and icons (Tigert and Jimmac work). And GTK apps usually start faster than KDE's when you do not use any desktop environment (or use use a third party one, e.g. XFCE, E17). Apart from that, I think as for being "usable", KDE is lightyears ahead from Gnome. But I am not a Mac user, so that may explain my feeling. I mean: Every time I try Gnome, I start being upset and insult my computer after a while (10 minutes). I am frustrated. I also sometimes have this feeling at work under Windows (esp. when it comes to using MS Word ;) ). I never get upset when I use XFCE/E16/E17... or KDE :-). But KDE looks ugly. E17 is probably the way to go when it is finished.

I think KDE is not as consumer oriented as Gnome, by the way. Gnome is having much more "communication" that KDE. Actually, since you can configure nearly everything in KDE the way you want, I would say I think KDE is computer-people-oriented, while Gnome is like MacOS, artist/designer/kids-oriented.

That said, KDE is good for some things, too (e.g. KPovModeller, Kate,
when editing POV-Ray scripts (www.povray.org)).

Well, Gnome is good for some things too (e.g. Gimp, Inkscape, Bluefish) ;)

Sorry, I could not resist :)



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