michael chang wrote:

> Macromedia Fireworks uses something called "Vector" based Graphics
> provided by Macromedia's proprietary Flash technology/file format, and
> GIMP uses "Raster" based graphics which are not so proprietary and
> come in various file formats.  The two are different, yield different
> results, and work differently. 

Just for the record, there is absolutely nothing proprietary about
vector graphics in general. It is true that there are relatively few
open file formats for vector graphics, or open source programs to work
with them, but they do exist: major file formats include EPS
(Encapsulated PostScript) and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics); vector
drawing applications include Inkscape (rapidly becoming quite good),
Sodipodi, and the venerable XFig.

BTW, SVG offers many of the animation capabilities of Flash. It isn't
supported in all browsers yet--nor, I think, completely supported in any
browser, but it is on its way.

Sorry to get off-topic. I'll let everyone get back to the GIMP now.

Matt Gushee
Englewood, CO, USA
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