Hi Jeff,

That's the easy part - save your logo as a .xcf or .jpg and when you're editing a photo load up your logo image. Copy that image by hitting CTRL-c to copy, and then select your photo. CTRL-v to paste it.

Take a look at the Layers dialog (CTRL-L if it's not visible) and right click on the "Floating Selection (pasted layer)" layer and select "New Layer".

You should be able to drag the logo around your photo now using the "Move" tool (the one with the 4 arrows).

When saving as a jpeg, GIMP will ask you to merge the layers, that's perfectly normal.

That's probably something I should do with my own photos!

Hope that helps!

Jeff Avveduti wrote:
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Can't imagine how that would make a difference at this stage.

Ok, that did it... I was not selecting the texture layer first, then the bump map. Very good. How can I save it out to be able to drop it over another picture? Brush? I need to be able to resize it, if nessary.

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