Hi Everyone,

I have SuSE Linux 9.2 and need to do some simple line drawings I'm
doing for a book I'm translating. The site is at:


I know Microsoft Paint pretty well, so you can imagine my surprise
when I opened up gimp.

It looks like a paint program but it's not. I discovered I can draw
ellipses and rectangles by "selecting" a path then "stroking" the

Pretty neat.

But I'm having a hell of a time selecting and moving objects around.

It looks like each Text object is being placed its own "layer".

What exactly is a layer?
Do I select an object by selecting the layer?
Do I move the whole layer?
Does it make sense to draw inside a text object?
Is it an object at all?

All I need is a monocrome gif, but it would be nice if the resulting
drawing were scalable, one which would grow and shrink if the user
zooms in using the browser.

Does gimp do that?

I have friends who use AutoCad and are always talking about scalable,
vector graphics. AutoCad also uses layers, but I've forgotten exactly
what the were.

Can you help?


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