> Am 11.02.2006 um 05:43 schrieb Scott:
>>> recently there was the same problem with mmx.  if you run ./configure
>>> --help it will tell you how to build without this sse stuff.
>>> these are
>>> some "optimizations" that were included by some guy from Sun and
>>> seem to
>>> be unmaintained lately.
>> I ran it with --disable-mmx, now ld does not support the -rpath
>> switch on
>> OS X. And there does not seem to be an option to disable it in the
>> configure, at least that I found .
> Thats the one I got on PPC since 2.3.6! Folks at IRC told me that
> this would be an issue outside of GIMP, so I gave up for a while :(

My research indicates this is an issue with GIMP and not something outside
of it. I came across another program with this issue that the programmer
fixed after the users created enough noise.

I unfortunately forgot the url, but one of the users went round and round
with the developer because originally he was not going to fix it. He used
the "it is an issue outside" also, for which the users started calling him
arrogant for having that mentality.

I am sure I will eventually fix GIMP or come up with a work around, at
which point I will forward the info on for your consumption.

>> But this Imac is the 2.0 DC w/1gb of RAM. Under normal usage it runs
>> nicely, it does seem to stumble sooner under high load then my Sun
>> Ultra
>> 20 (opteron) does. But, generally speaking it is a good performer..
> sounds like outperfoming my iBook 800 will be an easy job for the
> MacBook Pro :)

The MacBook Pro will out perform in power save mode!


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