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> Or as my own father used to say "Don't fight the problem." The
> problem is that most printers expect or demand CMYK. Either you
> produce artwork in CMYK model to start with or you prepare it in
> RGB and then convert it---and hope. 
> Perhaps  command or plugin titled as "use CMYK gamut" could
> convert a Gimp image to the gamut of CMYK but leave it in RGB.
> Each RGB tone would be converted to the nearest CMYK equvalent. Is
> this possible? That feature  would give the user an idea of 
> what the printed output would look like while leaving the base
> image in a more limited version of RGB color space. 

That is possible. You can already do that in GIMP 2.2, but I admit
that using the Softproof filter in 2.2 is somewhat tedious. This will
be improved in 2.4. It allows you to work in RGB but the screen (if
properly calibrated using a monitor profile) will show you what the
print will look like, taking the printer color profile into
account. And that is indeed the workflow everyone is converting to
nowadays. It really doesn't make much sense to work in CMYK except for
special tasks like using spot colors.

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