On Sat, Apr 08, 2006 at 11:14:22PM +0200, devvv wrote:
> Hello,
> I gave a course today about GIMP/2.2 at a local college for some
> teachers that decided to switch over to GIMP instead of using Adobe
> Photoshop because they don't want to support proprietary software and
> because they want to spend their budget for more useful things than
> Photoshop licenses. Some did not have any former experience with
> comprehensive image manipulation programs. Some schools are switching to
> GIMP/2 soon because of me and my courses ;) I'm posting a list below
> that imo is very important for an easier and more accessible use of
> GIMP2! I'm sure you've heard them all already but they're really needed!
> The bug numbers are in parentheses.
thanks for pushing it and helping there!

> Needed features:
> *** Dynamic Brush Resize: ***
> Please change the way you use brushes. Make it easier to choose a type
> of brush of any desired size. (#65030)
gimp2 can handle vector brushes.  the bug report asks that they be more
dynamic, but grabbing one from the palette and changing the size with a
slider is not so difficult for me, but i am not used to any other
software.  i got a bunch of these brushes from pippin and have put these
you can put them into your .gimp-2.3/brushes/ or put them some place
else and point gimp to them via Preferences.  or even, put them into the
system files (if you are using linux -- i don't know how that works on
windows or macintosh).

in the brushes palette, they show up with a blue corner.  with the
buttons in the lower portion of the palette, you can select Edit and get
a dockable dialog that allows the brush to change sizes.  you can copy
brushes and make them different sizes and well, other "different"

> *** Text-Options: ***
> 1. Implement buttons for "Bold" and "Italic" style. It is horrible when
> you have 150 fonts or so installed and you need to choose (#150500)

i have my own feelings about this.  to me these fonts are little pieces
of art themselves.  to programmatically make them bold or italic takes
some of the art away from them.  i am not certain how many feel this
same way.  i thought for a while that a nice way for font artists to
make money from their work is to provide the normal font for free and
then to sell the other (thoughtfully and not programmatically) adapted
versions of them to people who wanted a complete set.  i pull this
scenario completely out of my imagination (or where ever else you pull
uninvestigated musings from...) so, feel free to correct me if i am
wrong about this.

they are beginning to talk about talking about a different font selector.  
this would involve many of the free art making software projects, not just 

that being said, the gimp freetype plug-in can do a lot of these things to 
fonts.  this plug-in can be found at http://freetype.gimp.org.

it should not be out of reach of the imagination of other artists that
they might want to be able to control their work and perhaps get paid
for their efforts.  fonts are very difficult to make and good fonts are
extremely difficult to make.

i don't know enough to comment on the other requests. except that there
is a rumor that the python scripts might have a preview soon.


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