Mauro Condarelli wrote:
Hi, I have a set of layers I need to position in the image at precise (to the pixel) positions.
I *know* I can move them using the move tool, but it is a real pain.
I Have been searching for some dialog where I can say exactly where in the 
canvas (much bigger than the layers) I want to have the (e.g.) top left corner 
of the layer.
I have seen the Layer->Transform->Offset menu, but this gives an offset for the 
content into the leayer, while I need to set the offset of the layer into the image.
I know It must be available somewhere, but I can't find it! :(

Thanks for Your help!
You can move with move tool with keyboard for higher precision. Choose layer with Page Up/Down key, press M and you can move chosen layer with arrows keys by 1 pixel, or by 10 pixels with arrows keys, while holding Shift button.
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