>Hello. I took photos with Canon IXUS II + automatic mode:
> ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/pics/freephotos/juhana/withstand/IMG_3893.JPG
> ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/pics/freephotos/juhana/withstand/IMG_3896.JPG
> ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/pics/freephotos/juhana/withstand/IMG_3922.JPG
> ftp://ftp.funet.fi/pub/pics/freephotos/juhana/withstand/IMG_3923.JPG

Here is my own analysis of my photos above. This is starting to be more
a topic of a photo group discussions. I just wanted to know what the post
processing people like you think about the photos.

It looks like in both photo-pairs the "bad" photo (3893 and 3922)
is overburned. The blue flowers (3893) and the sky (3922) shows white
which cannot be fixed.

In addition to overburning, the photo 3922 shows some kind of
intensity curving. I.e., take the better photo 3923 and try modify
it to look like the bad photo 3922 with the curves tool. The curve
I had to use was of the damaging type -- overcurving.

White-point problem? I don't know how to correctly change the white
sky in 3922 to the blue sky like in 3923.

The manual mode seems to not be manual at all:
In photoing a new tree scene in two parts with the parameters fixed,
the photos were exposed differently. The common area in two photos
is not the same. It is just like the pair 3922/3923: with overburning.
The camera does something automatic in the manual mode.

While the exposure setting can be locked for multiple photos and that
would have solved the problem, not always I have a blue sky available
for reference! The camera should expose all parameters to user, or
have a possibility to use existing photo as a reference, or have
a preset system for exposure.

I hope camera manufacturers start increasing the number of bits in
the pixels so that camera could take and view good photos without
overburning. They are now marketing more pixels instead of improving
the photo quality (lens + exposure). At least people can see the poor
photos with a good resolution. Overcurving is mystery to me: the photo
3923 modified with a mild curve looks better than 3922.

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