>From: Mogens Jaeger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>As I see your pictures, your problem is not a question on how to use 
>Gimp, but how to use your camera.
[ ... ]
>What preciesly is it, you can't find out, and wants help for?

Here I merely asked help in analyzing the problem. And if the
problem can be fixed in post processing. Is the white sky
overexposed or is the white point at "white" instead of "blue"?
Why the trees in 3923 looks pale? Is it because of some kind of
overcurving (similar to gamma correction)? They are GIMP related

I asked later in gphoto-user about the camera issues. And plan to
ask in rec.photo.* newsgroups if the issue is not clear enough
after all this.

Some weeks ago I had a LEGO photo with default white point, and
another photo with teached white point. I tried to come up with
formula which makes the change of the white point, but for some
reason I failed. So, reverse engineering the camera behaviour by
matching the photos 3922 and 3923 may be too difficult problem
for me.

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