* Juhana Sadeharju <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [10-02-06 15:58]:
> How would one correct the photos 7748 and 7749 to look like
> 7741 and 7751? And at the same time preserving the sunrays?

First I would not shoot in "auto".  A general guide would be to shoot
motion sensitive shots in shutter priority mode and scenes in aperture
priority mode.

Second I would obtain a basic photography book/manual, particularly one
using a canon digital point-and-shoot, and study, comparing the
suggestions and examples to your canon ixus 400 manual and camera.

Then try to preform each of the lessons with your camera and see what
it takes to achieve the same result.

Then it is time to learn to edit your shots to get them to display more
what you intended but were unable to accomplish with your camera.

ps, if I intend to display or provide access to a photo, normailly I
use the highest quality mode available on the camera (iso 50, 2272x1704
jpg superfine on your camera) to record the shot.  Remember that each
time you edit and save a jpg image, you loose a little quality (or much
quality depending on the per-centage of compression).

humm, looks like you only have a choice of auto or manual and the iso
was 50 (on 7749.jpg) and super-fine @ 2272x1704.  Looks like auto
white-balance is a good choice for your camera and iso 100 is a

point, learn to use the histogram and use it frequently.  Editing a
*good* shot is much easier that trying to *make* a good shot after the
fact.  The second frequently causes noise to become prevalent.

Take multiple shots of the same scene with slightly different settings
(aperture and shutter).

 same as IXUS 400 (April 2003).

gud luk,
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