> Stephan Hegel wrote:
> Who else shall fetch source code releases ? 

The package maintainers for the over 300 different Linux distributions.
Not to mention maintainers for Solaris, BSD, and Windows.

> I'm sorry but why should they hate you ? They need the wrapper anyway
> as pointed out in the release notes.

They don't necessarily *need* the wrapper (that is but one suggested
solution to having multiple GIMPs installed concurrently) and, if they
do need to customize the setup for their own distribution's setup, they
might very well resent having to UNDO the decisions that the GIMP
developers made in how it was to be installed. 

> There are several other source code releases who provide wrappers to
> make sure that the application runs of the box after installation.
> They provide additional checks about the environment, check permissions,
> make sure that they access the right libraries to avoid unnecessary user
> confusion. Examples are Firefox, Thunderbird, the Wine applications,
> Tomboy, Beagle (in fact all Mono applications), etc. ....

I am not going to bother looking at all of your examples but a quick
search of running multiple instances (that is what's being discussed,
not a solitary installation) of FireFox suggests that their installer
does NOT automatically provide the wrapper scripting required. 

> It does not break the mechanism of "configure && make && make install" as
> everything could be embedded fully transparent within this procedure,
> even the installation of a wrapper. The user even wouldn't notice.

I think your suggestion, if implemented, would be noticed right away by
package maintainers who are the best qualified (no offense to GIMP
developers) to determine how the GIMP should be installed for their
distribution's particular implementation.

"It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do 
not care who gets the credit." -- Harry S. Truman

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