On Sun, 05 Nov 2006 10:11:53 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
>> Thanks for confirming that it is not intentional behavior, that's all I
>> need to hear. 
> You misunderstood me. It is of course intentional that you don't need to
> use a checkbox in the tool options to do something as important as
> creating a rectangle from center. This has always worked by using a
> modifier key and it would be a regression if that wouldn't be possible
> with the rewritten tool. All I am saying is that the tool is not
> finished yet and that the current behaviour is not perfect. We really
> don't need to be told that since the tool is obviously not finished yet.

I see. Just as well, sensible shortcuts for experts are one of the best
things about GIMP, Blender, Inkscape, etc.

Can you indicate what the modifier key combination is, so that I may avoid
its accidental activation, and deactivate it with the same modifier keys
instead of a mouseclick in the checkbox. I seem to hit it by accident from
time to time.


Is the current behavior as described in this post?


> 1) If you press the Shift key, while button1 is down, the tool goes into
> "make square" mode, and stays there indefinitely.  Releasing the Shift
> key has no effect.  Pressing the Shift key again toggles the tool out of
> "make square" mode.
> 2) If you press the Control key while button1 is down, the tool goes
> into "expand from center" mode, and the center is set to be the point at
> which you first pressed mouse button1.  Releasing the Control key has no
> effect. Pressing the Control key again toggles off the "expand from
> center" option.

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