On Sunday, April 29, 2007 8:48 am, Chris Mohler wrote:

> Personally I'd use PNG, as GIF has almost outlived its usefulness.

Chris has a point, especially when your gifs don't use transparency. If 
you save your png as an indexed, rather than rgb, color image, or 
grayscale, if that is appropriate, you will achieve smaller file sizes 
than gif can. And if you run a png optimizer afterward, you will get 
better results, still.

I created a test image 400x300 pixels and filled it with a gradient from 
upper left to lower right (white to black). Then saved it as a gif. It 
was 58.5 KB. After re-saving it as a grayscale png and optimizing it 
using optipng, it was 18.5 KB.
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