I inherited an image, a logo, in which I need to swap out one color, 
solid region, for another.  Seems simple. 

I open in gimp, select the region using, have tried both 'Select regions 
by color' and 'Select contiguous regions', then apply any new color and 
I end up with a mix of the original and replacement color.  After 
befuddling myself for an hour (including using other image editing 
software) I copied the image from .gif to both .jpg and .png format.  As 
a .png or .jpg the color replacement works fine. 

See the 3 'raw' images at


I don't really want to be using .jpg or .png images unless I have to.  
So the question, what is causing the replacement to fail and is there a 
way to make or convet  the .gif accept the color swap?


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