Yes - Converting to RGB and resaving as .gifsolved the problem.  Thanks 
to all.  And yes, too - I understand the effects of the various common 
image types.  In this case I need to stick with .gif unless the client 
says different (and I will offer some explanation).  Too bad IE (6) does 
not offer better support for transparency with .pngs.  The pngfix 
workarounds are fatiguing.

happy to go,

Scott Bicknell wrote:
> On Sunday, April 29, 2007 9:42 am, Scott Bicknell wrote:
>> I created a test image 400x300 pixels and filled it with a gradient
>> from upper left to lower right (white to black). Then saved it as a
>> gif. It was 58.5 KB. After re-saving it as a grayscale png and
>> optimizing it using optipng, it was 18.5 KB.
> Doing the same with your example images resulted in a png that was 379 
> bytes, where your gif is 482 bytes and your jpg is 1,309 bytes.

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