DJ wrote:
> Hi,
> How do I get a selection of the entire inside of an outline of a
> circle? For example, I have a transparent background, and I draw a
> circle in black (it looks like this " O ", minus the quotes)

How do you draw the circle in the first place? Are you using
the circular selection tool & stroke the selection? In this case,
the selection remains after you have drawn the circle, and you
can simply apply a gradient of your choice inside the circle.

But what I personally noticed (i just tried it myself right now) is
the bad anti-aliasing of the circle. I tried several tools, but the
results are far from satisfying.  My  suggestion would be, to draw
the circle in a vector program like Inkscape, where the anti-aliasing
is much better, and then import it into Gimp as a PNG. Or does any-
body else know how to draw a smooth circle using the Gimp?


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