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DJ wrote:
> Hi,
> How do I get a selection of the entire inside of an outline of a
> circle? For example, I have a transparent background, and I draw a
> circle in black (it looks like this " O ", minus the quotes)

How do you draw the circle in the first place? Are you using
the circular selection tool & stroke the selection? In this case,
the selection remains after you have drawn the circle, and you
can simply apply a gradient of your choice inside the circle.

But what I personally noticed (i just tried it myself right now) is
the bad anti-aliasing of the circle. I tried several tools, but the
results are far from satisfying.  My  suggestion would be, to draw
the circle in a vector program like Inkscape, where the anti-aliasing
is much better, and then import it into Gimp as a PNG. Or does any-
body else know how to draw a smooth circle using the Gimp?


Drawing a circle in Inkscape will not improve it's quality. The gimp quality
is about the maximum, and you'll find that inkscape provides pretty much the
same quality.
When you want to shrink the selection, on the other hand -- inkscape can
certainly do that well. In gimp it's relatively complex, involving
converting the shrunken selection to a path and then the path back to a
Personally, I have that sort of procedure set up as a plugin, and it uses
potrace as a backend rather than the lower-quality 'autotrace' software that
is used by the selection-to-path plugin.
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