On 5/23/07, Juhana Sadeharju <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello. I need to take multiple screenshots conveniently.
>  -A button or a ket shortcut which causes the acquire of the whole screen
>  -Saves directly to the file in the specified format;
>   the screenshot would not be opened for editing
>  -If PNG format, no "Save as PNG" dialog should popup
>  -Names the files 0001.png, 0002.png, etc.; no filename dialogs;
>   initial directory and start number hardcoded in the script
> I need this in MS Windows. A script would be nice and fastest
> way to have the feature, but GIMP must find the script from my own
> directory as I don't have the admin privileges. GIMP here is 2.2.1.

Disclaimer: I haven't ever used this, but I do use software downloaded
from this site (when I must use windows):

A search on that site for "screenshot" turns up a few more...

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