No...I usually blur it quite a bit, depending on how much I want to feather 

You can pretty much use filters on anything (except paths. of course).  
Quickmask is just
a special sort of temporary channel.  You can get some interesting effects with 
like the pick filter, etc.

You can also go into the channels dialog and duplicate the quickmask channel to 
save it
for something else.  Or just turn it back into a selection and then do 
Select>Save to
channel and play with it that way.

The whole channels thing is kinda handy, you can use it to build up complex 
selections by
working on parts of it individually.

--- DJ <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Elwin,
> EE> You could do this several ways.  What I usually do to spot adjust a 
> single area is
> to
> EE> make a selection around with the lasso tool.  Then I turn on quickmask 
> and gaussian
> blur
> EE> the mask to give it a nice soft edge.  Then I turn the mask back into a 
> selection. 
> Then
> EE> I used the curves tool to locally adjust the area that I want.   I have 
> never used
> the
> EE> dodge and burn layers for local stuff.
> It didn't dawn on me that you could apply filters to the Quickmask. Neat.
> Do you use the default settings for the gaussian blur?
> Thank you.
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> __________________________     
> DJ                       

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