> Elwin, you say:
> "What I usually do to spot adjust a single area is to make a selection
> around with the lasso tool.  Then I turn on quickmask and gaussian
> blur
> the mask to give it a nice soft edge. "
> You can save some time by just using the feather option of the lasso
> tool -- IIRC feathering is implemented by a gaussian blur, so the only
> advantage of applying blur manually in this case is if you want to use
> differing amounts of horizontal and vertical blur, or choose between
> IIR and RLE (In my experience for most cases the difference is barely
> detectable.)

The reason I do it that way, is that with the quickmask blur, you can see what 
you are
gonna get beforehand, a "feathered selection preview" if you will.  Whereas if 
you use
the built in feathering of the selection tool, you don't know if your 
feathering amount
was what you wanted until after the fact.  I don't know how many times before I
discovered the trick with blurring the quickmask, that I would feather a 
discover that I either wanted it more or less feathered, then have to go 
through a bunch
of undos and start all over again.  This way, I usually only have to do things 

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