Hi !

Just one comment, before you try to change any colour...

To my mind your picture is over exposed, I think your canon EOS 350D 
allows you to control the exposure... so try it ! I think you were in an 
automatic mode that has measured the overall luminosity looking at the 
center of the picture and unfortunately, this center is dark compared to 
the rest of the picture... you probably have other modes... or you can 
try to use manual mode...
I just downloaded your picture and played with the luminosity and 
contrast (the most simple thing we can do, I think!) in gimp and I 
obtain "approximatively" the same colour you have in the logo... (I 
don't have checked the result looking at the precise colour with gimp 
but just comparing by eye).

An other point is that the picture you take as a reference is, to my 
mind an other time... too blue. Perhaps the green is correct? but the 
overall colour seems to be blue...

I don't know if it will help you...


> Hello everyone,
> i use gimp quite regurarly but i have a problem with color correction.
> In fact, with some digital photo i make, my camera ( and not only mine, 
> i have tried other cameras and they all have the same problem ) creates 
> a very innatural shade of what i would call green ( see sample ).
> I know it is a false color since it appears very strange for me that i 
> have seen the real one, and also i have tried with a traditional camera 
> with several slide films ( both fuji and kodak of various kinds ) and it is 
> very different from the digital one.
> A sample of the problem: 
> http://www.webalice.it/giulio.canevari/tmp/IMG_1348.JPG ( 4.8 MB, if someone 
> wants a resized one let me know and i'll provide ).
> The official logo on the web, with the right shade of green: 
> http://www.ferroviedellostato.it/ffss/img/Logo.gif
> As you can see, the difference is huge.
> A photo with the right green:
> http://www.photorail.com/phr3-gli%20updates/images/5fotomese/6683112exxx-040706torralba.jpg
> I have asked here and there but after all a friend of mine has showed me 
> how to fix this color, but he knows only photoshop.
> In fact, he adds a color correction layer, and adding black to the cyan 
> channel seems to fix the problem.
> Is there a simple way to do this with the gimp??
> Thank you in advance.

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