>Hi !
>Just one comment, before you try to change any colour...
>To my mind your picture is over exposed, I think your canon EOS 350D  allows 
>to control the exposure... so try it ! I think you were in an 
>automatic mode that has measured the overall luminosity looking at the 
>center of the picture and unfortunately, this center is dark compared to 
>the rest of the picture... you probably have other modes... or you can 
>try to use manual mode...

Thank you for the reply. Ok, that is a first point, btw photo is not mine. 
Anyway ok, if i set -1/3 or -2/3 the color shift is sometimes ( let's say 25% 
of the times ) less noticeable.

>I just downloaded your picture and played with the luminosity and 
>contrast (the most simple thing we can do, I think!) in gimp and I 
>obtain "approximatively" the same colour you have in the logo... (I 
>don't have checked the result looking at the precise colour with gimp 
>but just comparing by eye).

Could you please tell me what values have you used?

Here i have tried for example -30 lum and + 15 contrast, and the result is 
still much less green and much more cyan than the real one. I am not able to 
mathematically measure it, unfortunatly, but believe me.

>An other point is that the picture you take as a reference is, to my  mind an 
>other time... too blue. Perhaps the green is correct? but the 
>overall colour seems to be blue...

I have seen it too. The strange rectangular table with a shape in the front of 
the train ( over the left red light ) contains, together with the orange slice, 
a pure black and a pure white, so yes, it is too blue. 

But balancing color like i often do ( i use curves, picking the near white 
color, and i put r,g and b channels all the same value, and the same for near 
black ) still have the "green" problem that is false.

By the way, this strange color cast happens only with trains of this color ( 
99% ;) ), all other things have not this problem or at least it is not 

I have upped 2 more samples: one that has the right green ( 
 ) and one with the wrong color ( 

Thank you again.
Giulio Canevari

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