I installed version 2.3.18 on two similar computers: Debian Sid and
kernel 2.6.21. The problem occurs only on one of the computers, not the
other. It does not occur at all with version 2.2.

With all the tracing tools that use a brush (pencil, brush, eraser,
dodge and burn, etc.) but only with them, as soon as the pointer is in
the image window, there appears a series of images of the current brush,
light green. They don't modify the image itself, as simply redrawing it
makes the images to disappear.

An example can be seen on http://pierredelune.i3s.unice.fr/bizarre.png

Since this problem makes Gimp 2.3 pretty unusable for me, I would very
much like to find a solution. What other information would be useful?


                        Olivier Lecarme
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