On Thursday 13 September 2007 17:58:02 norman wrote:
> This is very much due to a video course I am following on
> www.meetthegimp.org which, in my opinion, is a great place
> to start for the amateur photographer. 

Hello from sunny Tullah, Tasmania, where dialup is the peak of
modern Internet connectivity. Videos are not a real option here,
but OTOH there is plenty to point a camera at. Here are some
grotty throwaway shots from a Fuji camera:


I've heard good things said about the Canon 40D (a DSLR) by
people who actually use the suckers for a living. Still ghasp
dollars an item, but fairly good value for the ghasp. It's like
a cut-down version of the 5D, which is an excellent little

Cheers; Leon
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