On Thu, 2007-11-01 at 08:33 -0500, Dave 77459 wrote:
> I had a theory that the blurb building was killing GIMP, so I modified
> the script to make the description a single line.  It now works.
> The reasoning for a multi-line description was to give valuable
> information in the Procedure Browser.  Now the information is the
> single-line blurb, which is practically useless. :(( 
> Why it worked in Ubuntu versus Windows is a mystery I leave to the
> developers.  However, it illustrates why I never released the script
> to the repository.  I cannot test scripts except on my machines and it
> worked up 'til Windows 2.4.  Without broad testing, running a script
> is a crapshoot.  The thought that my script would mysteriously hose
> someone's GIMP is a huge barrier to wide release.

It is of course unacceptable that a broken script crashes GIMP. That is
why it is absolutely necessary that you open a bug report for this
problem on bugzilla.gnome.org and attach the script that causes the
problem there. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem yet, but
given a bug-report it will eventually be fixed.


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